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The Entire Body of Adrian Rogers’
Sermons in Text, Audio, and Video

The family of Adrian Rogers, along with the Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute, announces the formation of the Adrian Rogers Sermon Library. The goal of the Adrian Rogers Sermon Library is to capture the entire lifetime sermon output of Dr. Rogers in a state-of-the-art digital format. This sermon library, when finished, will contain the full notes and transcripts of over 4000 sermons by Adrian Rogers, along with streaming audio and video, all in a fully indexed, cross-referenced and searchable format. Library “members” will be able to search Dr. Rogers’ entire body of work by keyword, topic, theme, scripture reference, “Adrianism,” and illustration.

Dr. Rogers’ Sermon Notes

A unique feature of the Adrian Rogers Sermon Library will be the inclusion in each sermon of Dr. Rogers’ complete preaching notes. Dr. Rogers’ sermon notes have never been viewed by or made accessible to anyone prior till now. The decision of Dr. Rogers’ estate to make his complete body of sermon notes available is a monumental one, and promises to be an invaluable resource for scholastic research as well as for pastors worldwide.

Graded Scanned Hard Copies

In addition to searchable text versions of his sermon notes, the library will also contain high-resolution scans of all the available “hard copies,” many of which contain extensive “mark-ups” in Dr. Rogers’ own handwriting. A little known fact is that Dr. Rogers would “grade” his sermon delivery on a scale from one to ten, and write the grade on the last page of his sermon notes. These grades, along with volumes of hand-written annotations, will be available for the first time in the Adrian Rogers Sermon Library.

New Gold Standard

According to Dr. Ken Whitten, Senior Pastor of Idlewild Baptist Church, and a founding regent of the Adrian Rogers Sermon Library, “I believe this body of sermons, and the system with which Dr. Rogers created them, could well become the new ‘gold standard’ for preaching worldwide.”

World-Class Online Library

Steve Rogers, President of the Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute, shares his excitement for this project: “I thank God for allowing the vision of the Adrian Rogers Sermon Library to be birthed in our hearts. This is not a small undertaking. It is a major project that will take several years to complete. During that time, it will require a full-time staff of 4-5 people, as well as part-time support staff. The end result will be a world-class online library that will, in my opinion, be the premier reference library for sermon research of its kind, anywhere in the world. In addition to creating a study resource for ministerial students in the U.S., we aspire to make all of my father’s sermons available to pastors outside of the U.S., for study, research and inspiration— first in English, then other languages at a later date.”

To ensure that the Adrian Rogers Sermon Library is created and executed at the highest standards possible, a six-member founding board of regents has been created. This board, consisting of highly respected Christian leaders, will provide initial input to the initial creative and technical team, as well as future advice to the ongoing operations by the permanent library staff.

Cutting Edge Technology

The formation of the Adrian Rogers Sermon Library is the culmination of three years of prayer, planning, and input from some of the brightest minds in the fields of computer technology and IT (information technology), as well as leading pastors and Christian educators. The online library will be powered by a high-end scalable database that features cutting-edge technology, and will return real-time queries in text, as well as streaming audio and video, with a cross-platform user interface that is simple, elegant, and powerful.

Ministry to Extend to Future Generations

According to Joyce Rogers, widow of Dr. Adrian Rogers, and current board member of the Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute, “Since my husband’s passing, I have prayed and seriously considered how to best perpetuate the legacy of my husband, both for the next generation, as well as generations to come. The creation of the Adrian Rogers Sermon Library is a dream and vision that I feel is God’s answer to this question. Our family has felt that we wanted to do something more than just create a monument to Adrian’s memory or a museum where souvenirs and mementos of the past could be viewed. We feel like this project will allow the ministry of one of God’s unique servants to extend far beyond all of our lifetimes.”

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